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    the dog was barking at the neighbor while the owners of the dog ________ volleyball in the park.


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    obtenga the dog was barking at the neighbor while the owners of the dog ________ volleyball in the park. de este sitio.

    Barking dogs in the neighbourhood

    Find out what you can do about a barking dog in your neighbourhood.


    Barking dogs in the neighbourhood

    The law says that, if a domestic animal (usually a dog) barks excessively, an abatement notice (i.e. a notice requesting that they cease the noise) can be given to the dog's owner if the problem can’t be resolved directly.

    For neighbours

    When you have an excessively barking dog in your neighbourhood, first try talking to the dog’s owner to ensure they’re aware of the problem and see if they can do something about it.

    Most councils have useful information and fact sheets on dealing with barking dogs.

    After speaking with the dog’s owner, and they agree to do something about the barking, wait a few weeks to see if they’ve been successful in their efforts. Your support and ongoing feedback about the dog's behaviour can help the dog owner resolve the problem.

    You can complain to your local council if talking to the owner doesn’t work.

    The council will investigate and, if necessary, issue an abatement notice to the dog’s owner.

    If a dog owner doesn’t comply with the abatement notice, they can be fined.

    For dog owners

    Dogs bark for many reasons and there are ways to manage this. The following tips might help.

    Tips to reduce excessive barking

    Reasons for excessive barking include:

    boredom separation anxiety fear

    territorial behaviour


    Some simple tips to reduce excessive barking include:

    exercise—an active dog barks less when it gets regular exercise


    stimulation—a bored dog will bark to attract attention

    fence design—restrict your dog’s view to what’s going on outside the fence.

    You can also visit the RSPCA website for further information on why dogs bark and how to reduce excessive barking.

    More information

    Read more about ways to approach your neighbour

    Search for your local council

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    fuente : www.qld.gov.au

    City of Airdrie

    Dog ownership

    The City of Airdrie's ANIMAL CONTROL BYLAW outlines the responsibilities of dog ownership. Please refer to the bylaw for more detailed information.

    Dog owners must ensure their dogs:

    have and wear a dog licence from when they are three months old

    only 3 dogs per household

    do not run at large

    are on a leash at all times, unless the dogs are in a fenced private yard

    are under control in designated off-leash dog parks

    Dogs must not:

    bite anyone injure anyone

    chase, threaten or attack a person or animals

    bark, howl or disturb anyone

    cause damage to property or other animals

    scatter garbage

    wander into any swimming, bathing or splash pool/park that is provided for public use

    Dog owners are responsible for:

    picking up all feces produced by their dogs both on and off their property

    not owning more than three dogs per household

    fuente : www.airdrie.ca

    Barking Dogs

    Find out what you can do about a barking dog that is causing a nuisance and how to be a good neighbour when a dog is barking.

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    fuente : www.cambridge.wa.gov.au

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