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    esta teoría entiende que la economía progresa sin interrupciones mediante sucesivas reorganizaciones de los procesos productivos, generando un aumento acumulativo de la demanda real.


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    obtenga esta teoría entiende que la economía progresa sin interrupciones mediante sucesivas reorganizaciones de los procesos productivos, generando un aumento acumulativo de la demanda real. de este sitio.

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    2022-09-01 10:00

    Barriers and possible interrelationships that impact the employment and integration of refugees in Brazil

    2022-08-31 10:05

    Researchers use drones to identify nematodes

    2022-08-29 10:20

    Discourses about the excluded: to whom is the public space?

    2022-08-19 10:00

    Perception of professors regarding the transition to emergency remote teaching in a large public university in Mexico during the pandemic

    2022-08-11 10:00

    Sarcopenia prevalence did not increase in women undergoing gastric bypass despite weight loss

    2022-07-25 10:00

    Evaluation of 42 rootstocks behavior in Citriculture

    2022-07-14 10:00

    Charcoal from slaughterhouse waste and maravalha are a sustainable alternative for domestic use

    2022-07-05 10:00

    Conflicting voices: speaking and keeping silent

    2022-06-29 15:00

    Sequencing of the first case of the monkeypox virus in Brazil

    2022-06-28 10:00

    Impact of semioccluded vocal tract exercises and choral singing in congenital GH deficiency’s subjects

    2022-06-20 14:00

    Genomic monitoring of Holstein cattle as a strategy in dairy production

    2022-06-10 14:00

    CEVAP: ready for the 21st century

    2022-06-09 14:00

    Memorial text in honor of Dr. Ángela Restrepo Moreno

    2022-06-09 12:00

    Time use and food insecurity in female-headed households in Brazil

    2022-06-09 10:00

    Research Group on Paracoccidioidomycosis of Botucatu Medical School

    2022-06-08 14:00

    Bioprospecting animal toxins as powerful ligands for ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors as therapeutic targets

    2022-06-08 10:00

    Biopharmaceutical products born in a Brazilian public university

    2022-06-07 14:00

    Isolation and characterization of new compounds derived from animal poisons and venoms: challenges and perspectives

    2022-06-07 10:00

    New standard operating procedure for apitoxin collection aiming at research and production of the apilic antivenom

    2022-06-06 14:00

    Laser therapy together with a fibrin biopolymer improves nerve and bone tissue regeneration

    2022-06-06 10:00

    Building an electronic scientific journal: evolution and challenges

    2022-06-03 10:00

    Expanding the horizons of medical science in fighting portal hypertension with mini pigs

    2022-06-02 14:00

    Brazilian Medical Societies propose a new obesity classification based on weight history

    2022-05-26 14:00

    Latitude and seasons influence the tick count in cattle

    2022-05-23 14:00

    Exploring the synergy and integration among Geodesy, Space Weather and Navigation

    2022-05-12 10:00

    Canagliflozin seems to be more potent in reducing glycated hemoglobinand and body weight in patients with type 2 diabetes

    2022-05-03 10:00

    Educational booklet for the prevention of falls in hospitalized patients

    2022-04-28 10:00

    Construction and validation of a board game for children with cancer

    2022-04-18 14:00

    Why do we still talk about maternal death nowadays?

    2022-04-18 10:00

    Online psychodrama: a new stage for post-pandemic challenges

    2022-04-08 10:00

    Nursing diagnoses in Covid-19 adult patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units

    2022-04-06 10:00

    Electrical stunning in Jundiá fish keeps meat quality and allows humane slaughter

    2022-04-01 10:00

    LATCH tool in care planning for breastfeeding women

    2022-03-25 10:00

    Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgeries: safety measures for professionals

    2022-02-11 10:00

    Open Science: Sharing and transparency in research popularization

    2022-01-21 10:00

    COVID-19 Affects Perioperative Morbidity and Mortality in Patients Requiring Cardiovascular Surgery

    2022-01-17 10:00

    The prognosis of differentiated thyroid cancer is not affected by pregnancy

    2022-01-14 10:00

    What is the entrepreneurial profile of undergraduate nursing students?

    2022-01-12 10:00

    Is it possible to properly manage uncertainties in knowledge creation projects?

    2022-01-10 10:00

    Study points out microorganisms activating in the remediation of soil degraded by agrochemistics

    2022-01-03 10:00

    Occupational stress in frontline health professionals in combating COVID-19

    2021-12-22 10:00

    Psychological impact of COVID-19 on health professionals

    2021-12-16 10:00

    Language Sciences and Discourses about the Pandemic: the Question of Ethics

    2021-12-15 10:00

    Who are the professionals working in Patient Safety Centers in Brazil?

    2021-12-08 14:00

    Multifocality and LN metastasis are independent risk factors for incomplete response in TMC patients

    2021-10-25 16:00

    Results from the ELSA-Brasil trial shows the incidence of thyroid diseases in the country

    2021-10-06 15:00

    Tools of death with a touch of romance: all the amazing things scorpions use their weapons for

    2021-09-28 10:00

    Violence in Costa Rica: an eminently urban phenomenon

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